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  • Causes and prevention of battery swelling and explosion

    Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 17:10

    Cause of battery swelling 1、Vent blockage If the vent hole on the charging cover of the battery is blocked or not unblocked, the gas generated in the case of too long charging time or too high charging voltage will gradually accumulate, t

  • Maintenance of forklift battery

    Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 17:10

    一、Daily check 1、 Liquid level: lower than the rated liquid level, will shorten the service life of the battery, and the electrolyte is too small lead to the battery heat damage, therefore, must always pay attention to whether the elec

  • How do you maintain your car battery

    Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 17:09

    Steps/methods 1:In winter, the use of the battery should pay attention to ensure that the pile and wire joint connection is firm and good contact, in the battery installed insulation device, to avoid the temperature is too low, at the sam

  • Diesel generator set battery maintenance

    Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 17:08

    Generator battery maintenance includes the correct use of batteries, maintenance and replacement of three aspects. 1 . The correct use of The starting time of the engine should not exceed 10s each time. When starting the engine again, the s

  • Basic structure of lead-acid battery

    Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 17:08

    The positive and negative plates ● The plates of lead-acid batteries can be divided into four categories according to the structure and the formation method of active substances: paste plate, tube plate, formed plate, semi-formed plate. ●

  • Sandcastle series UPS common failures and solutions

    Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 17:08

    The fault phenomenon The cause of the problem Troubleshooting and solutions Short battery discharge time Cell aging Replace the battery in time UPS overload Check load levels and remove unimportant loads 1# The fault indicator light and no.

  • Nine things you should pay attention to when using a battery

    Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 17:07

    1. In the use process, to prevent the positive and negative extreme column and the external metal conductor direct contact caused by the battery short circuit; 2. The negative and positive extremes are strictly forbidden to be connected in

  • Automotive battery removal and installation steps

    Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 17:07

    Automobile battery disassembly: (1) First, switch on the ignition and read the fault code from the diagnostic system. (2) Put the ignition switch in the OFF position to cut OFF the power supply; (3) Unscrew the joint bolt of the lap iron cab

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