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Panasonic battery for UPS - lc-ca1212p1 12V12AH lc-ca1212p

Time: 2020-02-13 09:28Source: The unknown

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  • The detailed information
Whether to import no brand Panasonic/panasonic model LC-CA1212
Chemical types Lead acid accumulator voltage 12(V) type Storage battery
The charged state Maintenance-free battery Nominal capacity 12AH Installation dimensions 151x98x94x98(mm)
Product certification ce Scope of application Communication battery Cross-border sourcing no

The battery standard

  • Nominal voltage:12V            Nominal capacity:12Ah(20HR)  
  • Length * width * height  151mm*98mm*94mm   High total:98mm
  • Refer to the weight:3.8KG
  •  terminal:250

Product use:UPSThe power supplyMonitoring equipmentThe power sectorLight industrial products, etc

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