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Yuasa battery after-sales service

Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 14:56

Yuasa battery three years warranty 
1、All batteries purchased in our company can enjoy a three-year warranty service.
2、Beyond the warranty period of the battery, customers can still enjoy the company's perfect after-sales service. 
Domestic group
In order to users can be timely, convenient to obtain after-sales service, the company to implement domestic protection. No matter where you are, you can apply for service to the nearest sunshine battery customer service department or service station and the authorized maintenance dealer who has joined unprofor 
Inspection service
The company's customer service personnel will carry out patrol inspection service according to user demand, maintain and overhaul the sold batteries, find problems and solve them on site. 
Inspection content
1.Test the power supply environment and the use of the battery
2.Provide battery use report 
3.Answer questions and user training on site
4.Provide the recommended scheme of battery selection
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