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In the transportation of shallow storage battery, what shoul

Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-05 14:56

Shallow storage battery in storage, transport, equipment process, will lose part of the capacity due to self-discharge. Therefore, before the equipment is put into use, according to the open circuit voltage of the battery should be divided into the rest of the capacity of the battery, and then choose a different way to make up for the suspension of the battery. For the standby storage battery, every 3 months should be stopped to make up for the power. The battery can be distinguished by measuring the open circuit voltage of the battery. Take 12V battery as an example. If the open circuit voltage is higher than 12.5v, it indicates that the energy storage of the battery is still more than 80%. If the open circuit voltage is lower than 12.5v, it should immediately stop compensating. If the open circuit voltage is lower than 12V, it indicates that the storage energy of the shallow storage battery is less than 20%, and the shallow storage battery cannot be used.
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