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The maintenance method of rishi battery for daily use

Source:The unknownTime:2020-02-06 14:33

Rishi battery maintenance methods for daily use of 14 methods


1、The battery must always keep the surface of the case clean.

2、Do not let any foreign impurities fall into the battery.

3、The contact of terminals must be reliable, and vaseline can be applied when necessary. Do not twist the terminals too much to ensure the cleanliness of terminals and prevent terminal corrosion.
4、Check the vent hole on the vent plug or seal cover and keep it open at all times to prevent the blockage from causing explosion.

5、Open battery pay attention to the height of the liquid level, add regularly (pure water or distilled water), do not let the plate and partition exposed liquid level.

6、The electrolyte must be adjusted to its normal height and only when the battery is stopped charging.

7、The temperature of electrolyte shall not exceed 45℃ or refer to the manufacturer's manual.

8、The charging current shall not exceed the specified value. Generally, the constant current charging current shall be 0.1c20, and the limited current for constant voltage current limiting charging shall be 0.25c20.
9、Do not disassemble the indicator. If it is loose, you can use appropriate tools to imprison it in the clockwise direction.

10、Gradually check whether the battery electrolyte liquid level is about 10 ~ 15mm higher than the plate, if the lack of liquid, please add distilled water or pure water.

11、Do not disconnect the battery while the engine is running.

12、Make sure the terminals are in good contact with the card head. Do not tap on the battery terminal.

13、In the car to charge the battery, to remove the car battery positive and negative connection lines.

14、 Do not invert the positive and negative terminal cable connector, otherwise it will damage the electrical equipment of the vehicle.
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