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Customer service

Customer service

Pre-sale service:
Actively do a good job of product publicity, mainly according to the use and demand of customers, to provide the best products with excellent performance price. Provide a variety of designs according to customer needs, including battery configuration problems and battery rack design according to customer site conditions.

Wholeheartedly, always pursue customer satisfaction service:

  In the spirit of "customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit" service concept, all to customer needs as a starting point, constantly forge ahead. Always perform our duties for our clients.                     
  Stoicism: to difficulties and hardships to keep persevering, because we know that "silence is golden", more convinced that "god rewards those who work hard";                       
  Humility: to praise, to honor, to achievements to maintain humility, because we are calm, not arrogant nor impetuous;                           
  Calm: keep calm about goals, risks and development opportunities, because we need to keep a keen insight;                    
  Modesty: to learn, to learn, to seek knowledge and consult absolute modesty, because we are not ashamed to ask, work together.

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