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Guangzhou shangchi electronic technology co., LTD. Is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the sales of UPS power supply, battery and other industrial battery power products. After years of development, the service quality has been continuously improved and the business has been continuously expanded. It has become a well-known brand supplier of industrial battery power products. Is mountain's SENDON, APC, SANTAK, Emerson Emerson, mountain in DELTA, Panasonic, Panasonic, YUASA YUASA, LONG guang LONG, than the CSB the pearl, LEOCH join, unified GS, SAIL SAIL, VARTA VARTA, KILO, championship CHAMPION, TOYO Oriental, CGB, GSYUASA, CAMEL CAMEL, GS jie, BB meimei batteries, industrial batteries, such as HITACHI HITACHI power products supplier. Departments become increasingly perfect, at present, company has set up a Marketing Department, technical department, after-sales service department, sales department, engineering department, finance department and logistics department, subordinate staff more than 95% have a university bachelor degree or above, the company personnel have received strict training, strong technical force, rich engineering experience, completely obviate your worries.
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